In our hands is placed the power for the American consumer to change the course of economic destruction our country continues to be faced with. Without question,the American consumer has & will continue to dictate the success or failure of companies here and abroad!

It is this movement's hope that our unique blend of culture, colors, sexual orientation, religion, believer, non-believer, male, female, Democratic Party, Independent Party, Republican Party, Green Party, Tea Party, Coffee Party or No Party, white collar, blue collar or no collar, union, non-union or anti-union and the like will set aside our differences & come together as a nation of PATRIOTS to join with us in contributing to the resolve of our country's current job & economic crisis.

With the rapid advancement of technology and the continued waves of outsourcing Americans jobs, especially those of the middle-class (both product & services sectors), are feeling the wrath of these corporate opportunists who set up shop on foreign soil via tax-free offshore investments.

These culpable corporations exploit the very labor in which they invest by reaping the spoils of cheap labor (or should we say sweatshops) all the while eluding any concerns for the local environment because the laws regarding such are usually much less stringent than those in the United States and most leading countries.

Corporate and political greed ALSO have become a deep seated cancer that has swept this country, leaving thousands of workers with the heavy burden of trying to find a job in it's wake. And if a job is found, too many times it results with the same outcome of being outsourced thus continuing the vicious cycle.

Looking back, one can only MARVEL over the triumphs of the American worker, their great obstacles and challenges met by brave men and women who fought for, sacrificed, and risked their very lives to create the "American Dream". And with that dream, the opportunity to have a strong future for middle class workers and their families. Because of these great pioneers and all of their blood, sweat & tears, so became this great country we call the land of opportunity.

Today, we owe those pioneers a great debt, for "We The People" have lost the much of their might and needed TRUE Patriotism to carry the torch that was once lit so many years ago.

Where the future is unclear, we must work harder to reshape it in the best interest of working people here in the USA. We must ignite that torch with a greater blaze so that we may hand our children and the generations to come the very light needed to illuminate their path to a stronger and more prosperous future, for them and FOR ALL AMERICANS & THE AMERICAN DREAM.


It is beyond the time in which America can afford to transfer the wealth to other countries by which our grandparents & parents created.

Unless we do something NOW this generation & those following may be destined to achieve a lower standard of living then that of the generations before us. America never was and never should be solely a service economy. We need to develop and increase manufacturing again instead of outsourcing our most precious commodity --- the American worker.

It is time to sound the clarion call, to ALL AMERICANS to build American & buy American. We all owe our children the right to a better life & the opportunity to achieve the AMERICAN DREAM...OUR HERITAGE IS NOT FOR SALE TO THE LOWEST BIDDER!

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